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21st Century Taxation

Tax Reform - Modernizing Tax Systems,      Following Principles of Good Tax Policy ​

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Welcome to the 21st Century Taxation Website and Blog.

I am Dress Navy Selling Navy Dress Dress Old Selling Old Casual Old Selling Casual Navy Casual Casual Navy Selling Old qqr5CzZ. For many years, I have focused my research, writings and presentations on tax policy and reform at the federal, multistate and California levels. I have written several papers on various aspects of tax policy and reform with the hopes of helping to promote serious discussion of how tax systems can be modernized and made to follow the principles of good tax policy. This website has links to my articles and reports, my blog - the 21st Century Taxation Blog, my websites on virtual currency/blockchain and marijuana tax and ethics considerations, and links to various tax reform work of government agencies, tax reform commissions and others, as well as legislative proposals.

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